"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."


It started with an idea in 1994. Kevin Dennehy, CEO of Dennehy Enterprises, had a bold but simple vision: Create a global directory that would connect businesses anywhere on the planet 24hours a day in any language. It had to be fast, relevent, fully automated and simple to use. It had to be useful, a tool not a toy. In early 1995 the internet's first business to business (b2b) search engine aptly named "Pronet" was launched online.

"If you can't find it online in 10 minutes or less you're wasting your time"

This was driving force behind the development of numerous innovative technologies during the tech boom years. By 1999 Pronet's proprietary search engine covered 175 countries, 1.5 million companies and 30 million accesses a month. In 2000 Pronet was aquired by a Network Commerce, a US public company. We will say this...it was the wild west and what a ride it was!


Dennehy Enterprisees today has diversified in a number of online business services divisions and home automation solutions. Our core belief that quality innovation creates success is the driving force behind our descision making process. Our success in the past, present and future will continue to follow this simple guideline.